We make powerful apps – whether for your employees to improve company operations, or to promote your service or product to the public.
Android or iPhone App developments, iCloud solutions, iOS games: InfloWay is the best way to go! Providing world-class, best-selling mobile applications and games, custom-made to your specifications for multiple platforms is not a hard nut for us to crack – and it’s an opportunity we relish!

Mobile App Development

InfloWay brings years of mobile app development experience to your organization. We care for your mobile investments and factor in scalability, performance, security, and cross-platform readiness before writing the first line of code or sketching the first button.  We do this all while considering upcoming trends, the latest technology, and integrating unique ideas to capture your desired market.

Our apps can be built to satisfy in-house operation requirements or to introduce your product or service to the masses. We can create a launch plan to make the public aware of your new app and enact a social media strategy and a press release to drive traffic to increase downloads.


Our UI, Our Specialty

InfloWay applications are user-friendly and beautifully crafted. We believe that to create stunning user interfaces, aesthetics is key for the appearance, but also to facilitate the ease of user experience. If it’s not easy to use, your customers will not be happy and will be left with a negative brand experience. InfloWay’s team of developers & designers will provide your clients with an extremely appealing, highly polished, efficient, high-performance design.


Pixel Perfection

InfloWay excels in delivering seamless visuals. We give keen attention to each of the pixels in your design, and assure that no detail escapes our scrutiny.


Game Development

InfloWay enables you to capture your users with engaging and entertaining games. Games, for us, are not just an exercise in exploring our technical chops, but an innovative opportunity for persuasive storytelling that can compel users in real time.

We have created awesome results in game development for iOS and Android by focusing on the performance. Above all, however, we understand that developing the best games does not only demand great technical skills and super graphics, but requires experience that includes audio and video production, QA, web-based framework development for online and social games, marketing and promotion, and continues through to post-release support. Every single game developed – from the narrative, gameplay, controls and level design through to interactive game design – is scrutinized as it is developed, at every level and in every way.